The exploration of branding across many different brands has allowed for the opportunity to implement various solutions across many different identities.


Brand essence extraction
Digital design
Print design

To create an impactful and easy to implement solution for Hand2Paw we wanted to focus on solving the issue of a divergent audience. There are people who cared about the human aspect and people who cared about the animal aspect of the organization. The goal of this solution was to help the audience understand why the intersectionality of the Hand2Paw mission was important.

To do this we wanted to help create coherent and consistent messaging around what we called their “Three Cs”. We wanted to show how each of their programs upheld values of community, connection, and compassion, regardless of whether or not it was related to humans or animals and that those were the underlying values that tied it all together.
Hand2Paw provides paid internships working with rescue animals as a way to strengthen connection, compassion, and community for young adults from marginalized communities, including those experiencing housing insecurity or foster care involvement.

⎈ Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA